Matosinhos Municipal Market

Recently listed as a building of public interest, Matosinhos Municipal Market maintains its original function, and has been open since the first half of the 20th century. It combines the tradition of ancient markets – where visitors are confronted with a cornucopia of different delicacies and multicoloured stalls – with the architectural beauty of the surrounding space.

The building has always served as a key landmark, both for the resident population and for tourists.

mercado map

Matosinhos Municipal Market (SOURCE: Bing)


Exterior view of the market (SOURCE:

It’s very easy to access it by metro – (Mercado metro station). The whole area is undergoing a major resurgence of activities, which have been welcomed by the population. One of those is the “Mercado em Festa”  – Market in Fest. It’s an event where new tendencies in craftsmanship are shown. During the fair, there are DJ or live music events happening at the same time, and activities for children.

Mercado em Festa

This event takes place on the first and third Saturdays of each month, from 10h00 a.m. to 5h00 p.m.


There is also an innovative area called “Espaço Quadra” – Centre of Innovation and Creativity. It’s a gallery inside the market aimed at promoting design related events.

Espaço Quadra

Espaço Quadra (SOURCE:

The whole surrounding area is quite bicycle friendly, and there is even a bicycle park in front of Velo Culture Porto, a store dedicated to Dutch style urban bicycles, fixies, singled speed and bike polo bikes.

Bike rack

Bike rack next to the market (on the left side)

This weekend a very special event took place in “Espaço Quadra”. A bicycle fair with many different types of bicycles and related items, as well as clothes and other accessories. There was an alley cat race, and a bike polo show. This attracted many folks who love cycling and bike culture.

Poster of the event

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