Picarias Bar

Located in the old historic area of the city well in the night circuit, Picarias has the advantage of not being so crowded. The folks who run the place are extremely friendly and they let some bikes in (at least three). Don’t forget to try the cheese sandwich!

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Taberna do Largo

After having attended the very first day of this magnificent place, we went there yesterday, to confirm that they truly are bike friendly!

It’s a cozy atmosphere with very nice and friendly staff always willing to make sure you are enjoying the moment.

Thanks Sofia, for the photos!


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Cicloficina Casa da Horta – Porto

Casa da Horta

Casa da Horta (source: http://casadahorta.pegada.net)

Casa da Horta
 (Portuguese) is a cultural association for alternative lifestyles. On Saturdays bicycle gurus meet to help folks mantaining their own bikes. It also features an exquisit vegan restaurant.

Casa da Horta, Associação Cultural
Rua de São Francisco, 12A
4050-548 Porto
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Matosinhos Municipal Market

Recently listed as a building of public interest, Matosinhos Municipal Market maintains its original function, and has been open since the first half of the 20th century. It combines the tradition of ancient markets – where visitors are confronted with a cornucopia of different delicacies and multicoloured stalls – with the architectural beauty of the surrounding space. Continue reading